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Jun 15, 2011

Another great success from Team Serpent Philippines during the GP Buggy NATIONALS held last weekend at the CV racetrack. congratulation to The newly crowned NATIONAL CHAMP Jordan Go. For the past GP Nationals events , Jordan go continued to have a difficulty finishing the final race due to different mechanical problems arrising from his car and/or engine. But this time around, he made sure everything would be as planned. When Serpent buggy cameout , he drove/tested it and said" this car is superb and has a big potential to win a race specially the coming Nationals." well, he proved it right. During the last qualifying rounds, he TQ'd with a big number, 21 laps and no other drivers hit the same number during the event. On the first 2 rounds of qualifying , he only had 20 laps each , but before going for the third and last qualufying, jordan decided to use the AKA impact tires and that made the difference n resulted for the overall TQ.
Starting first on the grid with his Serpent/novarossi BTTS, jordan with his superb / consistent driving never looked back from the start untill the end of the mains finishing 1 lap ahead of the second place teammate Clemen pancho , Serpent/Novarossi btts and 4 laps ahead of the third place Daniel Sarmiento, Kyosho/OS.

After the race, this was what the champ had to say," The car was just perfect from the start of the qualifying till the end of the finals. I knew i had a big chance for the title after the first qualifying . I really wanted this title but did not get a chance for the past years but now its mine. Its great to have Clemen Pancho as my teamate who helps me setup n tune my engine."

Other serpent drivers who made it to the final 12: Denis Lucindo 4th place , and Dr Lo (DNF)

Well , a really good preparation for these serpent drivers Jordan Go and Clemen Pancho and Denis lucindo before going to Malaysia for the FEMCA.


First Place - Jordan Go - Serpent- Nova BTTS- AKA – Tornado- Sanwa
Second Place- Clemen Pancho - Serpent- Nova BTTS- AKA- Tornado-Sanwa
Third Place- Daniel Sarmiento

Till next time.
Team Serpent Philippines