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Apr 17, 2011

GERMAN 1/12 Nationals 2011
This year the German Championship 1/12 took place at the famous Megadrom Geilenkirchen track. Especially the modified class was one to watch for. With Ronald Völker, Marc Fischer, Markus Mobers and Daniel Sieber there were four European championship a-finalists in the entry list, so some intense racing was awaited.

In practice the laptimes between the four top 4 modified drivers were very close together. In the stock category local driver Dominik Reschke was pure a class of its own, almost a lap down on him were Tobias Hepp and Ahmed Ahman.

Qualifying Modified:
There were 5 qualifiers on points, the two best runs were added. First shot went to Serpent/Orion driver Markus Mobers, who had a nice and clean run. In the second qualifier Mobers tried a different setup and had a bad result. This run went to Yokomos Daniel Sieber, but with a 4 seconds slower run the Mobers first qualifier.

In the third qualifier Marc Fischer and Markus Mobers had both a great run, Marc won just a second in front of Markus. The overnight TQ was held by Mobers, but still Fischer and Sieber had a good chance for TQ too.

The fourth qualifier on Sunday morning was purely dominated by Mobers, he sat a blistering pace and won with a new fastest time. Mobers changed from a Team Orion 4 Turns to a 3,5 Turns in the morning, this gave him the edge. Second was taken by Fischer, followed by Völker.

Only Mobers and Fischer had chances for TQ now and when the last and 5th qualifier started it was Mobers leading from Fischer the first two minutes. Than Mobers made a mistake, he touched a curb barely and rolled his Serpent S120L. Fischer was leading now and ran a perfect clean race and took that qualifier with half a second faster time, than Mobers his fastest time. So Fischer took TQ, after a close battle with Mobers.
Fastest laptimes were run by Mobers and Völker. (14.5)

The top 10 were:
1. Fischer, Corally, GM, GM
2. Mobers, Serpent, Orion, Orion 1S
3. Sieber, Yokomo, LRP, LRP
4. Treder, Corally, GM, GM
5. Altmann, Asso, LRP, SMC
6. Völker, Asso, LRP, LRP
7. Treder, Corally, GM, GM
8. Schönrock, LRP, LRP
9. Pasch, Serpent, LRP, LRP
10. Berger, Corally, LRP

Qualifying Stock:
This class was more or less a bit boring. Dominik Reschke was a class of its own and won all qualifiers with ease. The battle for 2nd was closer, it was between Serpents Tobias Hepp, Ahmed Ahman and Moritz Hilbert. At the end Ahmed took that 2nd spot, a great achievement for him, as it was his first big race.

The top 10 were:
1. Resche, Corally, GM, GM
2. Ahman, CRC, GM, Orion 1S
3. Hepp, Serpent, LRP, Orion 1S
4. Hilbert, Asso, LRP, LRP
5. Ginuttis, CRC, GM, Orion 1S
6. Hellfeuer, Corally, GM, GM
7. Merk, Corally, GM, Orion 1S
8. Aretz, Serpent, GM, Orion 1S
9. Hellmann, CRC, LRP, LRP
10. Schneider, CRC

For the modified finals it was expected to see a great battle between Fischer and Mobers, both were clearly faster than others. When the first main started Fischer took the lead and was followed closely by Mobers and Sieber. At the two minute mark Mobers again rolled his car on the same curb and found himself in 7th again.
Fischer built up a gap on Sieber and won easily whilst Mobers fought back to 3rd. Sieber finished second.

The start of the second main was messy. Fischer took off and Sieber took out Mobers, which resulted in a big pile. Fischer was away and that was it, he took a well deserved title.

In the third main Fischer started from last, as he did not want to get involved into the battle for the podium places. Mobers took the start and never looked back and won that final. This meant Mobers took 2nd, whilst Sieber took the last spot on the podium.

The final result:
Fischer, Mobers, Sieber, Altmann, Völker, Treder, Treder, Schönrock, Pasch, Berger

In the stock class Reschke dominated the finals again and took an easy win. A great result for Dominik in his first 1/12 season! Ahmed Ahman, Hepp and Hilbert were all in a superb battle for the last two podium spots. With clean driving and some great passings, Serpents Tobias Hepp took 2nd overall, followed by Ahmed Ahman.
The final result:
Reschke, Hepp, Ahman, Hilbert, Ginuttis, Hellfeuer, Hellmann, Aretz, Schneider, Merk

All in all this was a great weekend of 1/12 racing, thanks to the club of Megadrom Geilenkirchen for a smooth race!

Markus Mobers