My location: United States
Apr 14, 2011

The 4th and last qualifier has been run, and it is Serpent's Paolo Morganti taking the 4th round with Serpent 966-WC, improving on his best time with a with 36 laps in 10:00.906, and moving up to 7th spot.

Salven 966/XceedZX was on a very fast pace in the 4th Q with a car that felt really good, stabile and fast, but the track was not fast enough to improve further, so remains in 13th overall.

So its 2 Serpent cars in the semi finals for now.

Young Serpent talent Kyle Branson from the UK, is doing very well. His qualifying brought him into the 19th spot, just outside the semi-finals, but ahead of many other top-names. Very well done.

Mark Green with a 23 spot showed good speed in the last qualifier, but as track was too slow, and some less fast made it impossible to move up the ranks. His long time experience should pay off in the 4-ter finals and make him move up to semi and ....

Now there is time inside the Serpent Team to prepare and help the lower qualified Serpent drivers with their mission to move up a couple of sub-finals to get into the main on friday and saturday.

Race, tyre and fuel-strategy are going to play an important role !

Congratulations to Pietsch with his 2011 TQ.

Thx to for the images.

Team Serpent