My location: United States
Apr 11, 2011

WC 1/8 onroad USA free practise and timed practise is over and qualifying stats today.

After timed practise heats Serpent has 6 drivers in the top 20, with Morganti in 2nd position. The new WC parts for the 966 work very well, more info during this week.

We have some drivers which are lower ranked now but that will improve a lot like Kimbrow and Tanaka.

To follow the WC, you can link to:

he sites from which you may follow this event are:
Currently updating: (french) ( french) ( german) ( german)

Qualifying and real business starts on Tuesday 12th-April-2011:
TUE 12th-April - Qual Rounds 1 & 2
WED 13th-April - Qual Rounds 3 & 4
THU 14th-April - Qual Rounds 5 & 6
FRI 15th-April - Lower Finals
SAT 16th-April - Quarter-Semi-Main Final
SUN 17th-April - Reserve day in case of rain (it was used in 2009).

Team Serpent