My location: United States
Apr 4, 2011

Hello Paolo,

The WC will already start in a few days from now....:

Q: How was the test you made in USA ?
A: The test sessions have being positive. The whole package is working good.

Q: Which qualifying result do you expect for the WC ?
A: I think to reach a semifinal position, like I did in Lostallo, is within reach. If I can do better than I will be very pleased. We will see.

Q: Do you like the WC track, and if yes why ?
A: I like the track because even if it is a board track it has some European flavor. Is a challenging from many aspects and the driver can make a difference here.

Q: Did you test any special parts for the WC ?
A: Yes, there are a few parts that we have being testing with great results. I think the customers are going to be happy with the improvements in the car.

Q: Who will be your mechanic at the race ?
A: Rick Pinard is my mechanic. We have being working together for a few months and I am very happy with the coop.

Q: Which brand engine, radio, body and tyres will you use ?
A: Novarossi, KO Propo, Titan and Matrix

Well we wish you good luck at the WC, and hope to see you on top of the podium !

Team Serpent