My location: United States
Nov 3, 2010

Below an interview with Serpent designer/racer Billy Easton, just before he heads out to Thailand to attend the IFMAR 2011 WC in Pattaya.

Also on this Cobra the new radiobox is fitted, but this one is skinned with a carbon-design, for looks.

At the worlds Billy will hold some Tech-talks for Serpent Cobra racers to share set-up and other race info. More info and times to follow in Thailand.

Hello Billy,

Q: are you ready for the Worlds ?
A: In short, I really believe so. I am very familiar with my car,engines and tires. When competing at this level of competition the Individual the most in touch with what is going on, will ultimately have the best chances to win. I have done a fair amount of running and feel very confident in my driving ability. I hope to bring some of my WC skills from 2003 to the table at this years Worlds in Pattaya.

Q: any special parts made just for this WC for the Cobra ?
A: The only real special part that we will have is new 3 bearing input couplers to improve durability in longer duration mains. As for some new standard equipment I will be running our latest radio box setup, it is not a special part, but an upgrade from our existing radio box. I do not really have a lot of trick parts, but our aluminum towers,webbed shock bladders ,aluminum chassis braces and ti-coated shafts and a few optional parts that will most definitely help in the department of speed and durability.

Q: What are your expectations for qualifying and final result ?
A: Well 2 years ago, I was only running at best 1 time per month for practice, and showed up the worlds with a car I was very unfamiliar with. I did not have a base setup and had only been to the Worlds track one time in my life. This time around things will be a little different. I have been able to develop a setup for my own driving as well as I have been competing in higher levels of competitions. I definitely think the Semi final is a good goal, and if all goes as expected, I think I can make the final. I definitely feel I will surprise quite a few people this time around. I expect to move up the power ranking.

Q: Will you have some good team-mates at the WC, or is the car still to new for that ?
A: We have some newer guys on the team, as we are a newer company in this market. I have not really personally met that many of the drivers. We have a couple good drivers here or there spread throughout the world, but I am truly unsure of their speed potential. Until you actually race with and talk to your team mates in person you really have no idea who your working with. We are working hard to find older talent as well as find some grassroots youngsters to bring up and create some brand loyalty with Serpent.

Q: which are the main options on your Cobra car to make it suit the WC track ?
A: Well, I the S811 Cobra buggy really doesn't need a whole lot of options. The basic design has all the fundamentals necessary to tune the car for almost any condition. The car itself works great on much bigger tracks with flowing turns and transitions. It also jumps really well, so I think I can take advantage of that as well on some of the more challenging jumps .I think the basic design and balance will also help out our car and its speed and its durability is a key to its customer success relating to the plastics.

Have a great time at the WC, we wish you all the luck !

Team Serpent