My location: United States
Aug 8, 2010

Qualifying position – 1st

Finishing position – 1st

Mains – Start of the main I pulled out to a half lap lead. I made a mistake, crashed and sat upside down for long enough time that second place had passed me. At that time, it took me about 2 laps to regain the lead. I started putting some distance on second place. I had over one and a half laps on second place ¾ of the way through the race. I came in for the second pit and when fuel was put in to my tank, I had a flame out. By the time I was re-fired, second place had just passed me for the lead. I began chasing him down and when I caught first place tried to make an inside pass and crashed, then I crashed again. (All my fault of course) After I stopped crashing I began putting some serious laps together with my car. Every lap I was gaining about 2 seconds on the leader. With one lap to go the leader made a mistake and I took the lead and won. To say the least I made it a very interesting main J I would like to thank Serpent for making the best buggy I have ever driven, AKA for the best tires which has no wear after 30 minutes, Futaba for the best radio equipment, and thanks to my engine for lasting 30 minutes on bad fuel which is why the flame out issues during pitting. My engine came off the track at over 300 degrees. I would also like to thank my boss Frank and Joe Zatika for giving me the best job in the world!

Till next race,
Chad Phillips