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Jun 20, 2010

3rd Dutch National
Saturday we had not much practice time because of rain showers, I bearley had some time to run-in a new engine but just managed. Changed some minor setup changes since last GP in Apeldoon, but changed back to Serpent Off-set because it seemed to work better on this track! about 0,3 secs faster per lap!

On sunday the car and engine combination was working prefectley. after the first qualifier I just took it safe and managed to take the 4th place. in the 2nd qualifier took a little bit more risk and managed to take the 3rd spot. For the 3rd qualifier I changed the rear springs from pink to red and the rear stabilisator from 2.4mm to 2.8mm and the car was faster in the short corners where alot of steering was neccesairy. I just gave it all but because a little incident on the track with Steven Cuypers which costed me proberbly the pole. I was now 1,6 secs behind Ilia. Without the incident the pole position was within in a hand grasp but 2nd place was ok to. ;-)

At the start of the final I took the lead from the grid with Rick on my tail. Ilia had some problems getting of the grid and got hit by other cars so he had to start from scratch. In the first lap I made a small brake mistake and the car spun. 3 cars managed to get by amd hit me, so Rick got off with a clean lead. Within 4 minutes I managed to get back in 3rd with Ilia already on my tail. After the refuel I got by Steven because he had some issues leaving the pit. Now its Rick in the lead with me in 2nd and Ilia in 3rd. By the 12 minute mark Rick got some tire problems. and had to come in early for the tire change. Because the laptimes of Rick dropped I was able to gain on him very fast. When Rick went in for tires I got passed him and got the lead. 4 minues later I came in for tires and because of the fast fuelstop and tire change I was still in the lead. Ilia had lost a tire while comming out of the pit dropping him back to 3rd place just after Rick. Ilia managed to get by Rick at while the end of the finale was nearby. Meanwhile I was almost 2 laps in front of Ilia and so I could just cruise to take the win!.

Final Results of the 3rd dutch national:

All results of the day:
This weekend a managed to drive a new track lap record of 13.456! The Serpent 966/R&B C10/Tornado combination worked really well! Fast, reliable and record breaking..... ;-)

Thanks to my dad, Jonathan and his brother Vincent for the fast pitwork during the final! And to my sponsors Serpent Motorsport, R&B Products and Tornado fuel for their support!

Cu next time.