My location: United States
May 2, 2010

Last weekend we took a 3rd place overall at the second round of the Xceed Buggy Cup at the very nice track of Oberhausen.

The weekend started out perfect, on Saturday we had very fast lap times, the handling of the Cobra was perfect on the very demanding Oberhausen track, also we used the new Xceed off-road 25% fuel, with this we had a perfect running engine and more important we could stay out longer on the track and calculated that we needed one pit stop less then usual in the A-main.

On Sunday all went perfect, a qualification direct in to the semi final, In the ½ final we took things cool and took the second place and we where ready for the A-main.

Due to the very bad weather ( lots of rain) the A-main was cancelled and they took the combined results after the 2 semi finals, so we ended up at a 3th place, we look already forward to the next race with the Serpent Cobra and the setup’s we have now.

Raphael Robert
Team Serpent Belgium