My location: United States
Apr 1, 2010

The 1/8 outdoor season has started again, and we had a big opener.

The warm up for the euro's in locorotondo Italy.

I had some mixed feelings going overthere, because I did hear some bad rumors about that part of italy. But I was really surprised when we got there, really nice atmosphere. And very friendly

and helpfull people. I cant wait to go back in june.

For me it was the first race with my new car for this year. The serpent 966. I had just one small test with the car before this race, and actually it felt really good from the first moment.

As you see on the pictures the locorotondo track is a very fast track with lot's of high speed turning, "which me like very much".

The feeling on the track was good from the first moment on, I could brake very late, and had enough steer and rear grip, no real complaints. So I just made minor changes as the rear anti roll-bar from adj to std 2mm and softened the damping a little. but for the rest just perfect.

had some minor issues during qualifying, with overtaking and starting the engine to rich, and couldn't really have a clear heat. So I was in 14th place after qualifying. On sunday I used a mega engine from michael, and was really satisfied with the performance of the engine. I was so happy with the car engine combo that I will keep on using the mega engine this year. I was in the semi B and could have a good start, after a few laps I was in second place behind andrea christianni. And after about 5min he let me pass, (he tought he had a bigger gap apparently), but at 6min40 we entered the pits together and he past me again in the pitlane, (as to be seen on the youtube video). And so we ended, after 20min. Michael won his semi and also made the final.

Mark Green was very fast but had an engine which was a little to lean and had to come in for an adjustment.

In the final I started 6th, but my engine was a little rich and michael was much quicker at the start and past me. But the car was working so good, I could work my way upfront, up til 3th, behind collari, and I could stay behind him and make some passing attempts but my engine was just to rich to really go for it.. but at the 9min mark the screw from my clutch came loose. so I lost some minutes, putting a new one on. I adjusted the engine during the stop a little leaner, and could make a trackrecord afterwards. 15,277. I finished 7th. Congrats to Lamberto Collari who won. But I was really happy with the handling and speed of the car and engine. To be continued in june...

We will have the next race for the dutch championship on the Apeldoorn track.

Thanks to Serpent, Mega, Xceed, RC Car Colors for the support...

Also thanks to my dad for the pitwork and Michael and Stef for the technical support.

Ciao a tutti