My location: United States
Mar 30, 2010

Dear Racers,

Our season started after a long winter break. Saturday morning at 3.30 o’clock we started to Fiorano / Italy. Angelo from the organisation had over 100 Drivers in 1/8 and 1/10.

The Track was since 8.00 o`clock opened for free practice. We had 30 min time for 1/8 and after the same for 1/10. Everything was perfect, no problems with frequenze etc.

Stefano from AS Hobby had a big tent with his shop. And Pascuale was for the driver support there for Serpent and Max.

At the lunch time was Andrea Cristiani trying the new Serpent 966e.

Around 14.00 o’clock we started with the first qualification. We had 10 groups and 4 qualifications. 2 on saturday afternoon and the last 2 sunday morning.

The weather was great, and perfect for the engines always around 15-20° airtemperature! Every heat we run with 4 Minutes and so had nobody some problems with the fuel.

After the 4. qualifications was the result:
1. Gandin Stefano
2. Lorenzi Andrea – Serpent, Max
3. Tedeschi Alberto – Serpent, Max
4. Pesenti Matia
I could go at position with my Serpent 966 and Max engine. Everything was great and i was happy to be in the A-Final.

1. Dino Giacalone
2. Manu Huber
3. Walter Ossola
4. Dante Pirsante
And Klaus could finish after the heats at 22. place with his 733 and evo 4 idm. He had a little bit difficult group and it was not always so easy to drive there! But the car and engine were great! So at least he should drive at the C-Final and started from 3. postion.

At 14.00 o’clock start the C-Finale 1/10. Klaus was very fast there. I think Willy and I were more nervous than Klaus because the finale was over 20 min and always it was great to see it, because the postion between the first 3 drivers switched every time and there were a lot of fightings. J But we did also a great job in the pit-lane and Klaus won the race! Congratulation...

At 16.20 o’clock was my final start. The start was quiet good, and i could overtake 2 places. Gandin was in front and Andrea and Alberto directly behind. After a few minutes Stefano Gandin left the rostroom. And Andrea could go in front. It was half time and i was on 5. position but unfortunately broke in the second gear the alu and i must go slower, because the second gear was not perfect anymore and i finished at 6. position!

Andrea won the final with his 966 and max engines... also a big compliment to him and to his pit crew J

A-Final 1/8
1 2 Lorenzi Andrea [Ita] 112 30:00.004 15.206 Serpent-MaxPower
2 5 Kurzbuch Simon [CH] 111 30:04.147 15.280
3 4 Pesenti Mattia [Ch] 111 30:06.276 15.566
4 3 Tedeschi Alberto [Ita] 111 30:12.223 15.543 Serpent-MaxPower
5 6 Sammarini Sandro [Ita] 109 30:05.057 15.462
6 7 Lechner Sabrina [DE] 107 30:09.006 15.525 Serpent-MaxPower
7 9 Hachler Silvio [CH] 97 27:24.710 15.971
8 8 Pasqualini Nicolò [Ita] 63 18:30.050 15.628
9 1 Gandin Stefano [Ita] 62 16:51.647 15.362
10 10 Silingardi Andrea [Ita] 52 18:34.376 15.569

I would like to say big thanks to Angelo for the great organisation, to AS Hobby, Max-Power and Sprint RC for the nice Trophy and for the big tombula after the race!

Thanks to my great mechanic Klaus and Veronica Lechner. They did again a great and fast job in the pit-lane!

And thanks to my sponsors Serpent and Max-Power and to AS Hobby, great job, well done, mille grazie.

See you at the EFRA GP again

take care