My location: United States
Mar 21, 2010

In the final it was Collari 1st, Balestri 2 and in 3rd Serpent driver Andrea Cristiani. So a nice podium finish for Andrea, who closed in on Balestri and come to 1.5 sec gap only in the end. Nice close fight.

With 4 Serpents in the final a good result and could have been even better. Calce, Salven, and van Gastel were also all very fast.

Ilia van Gastel with 966 even set a new track-record during the final with a 14,277 sec lap, on a 300meter track, just imagine.

Mark Green and Fabio Domanin were stopped in the semi. Mark with an engine failure and Fabio broke a wheel in a pitlane accident.

Both were on the right speed for reaching the final as well.

Lots of things have been tested. Now its time to analyse the data. The results are very promissing. We know we have a very good chance at the euro's in july, we are looking forward.

The club in Locarotondo have made a very good job, so everybody can expect a well organised event. The live results and live webcam worked very good too.

Team Serpent