My location: United States
Mar 15, 2010

Having won the Hildesheim Christmas Cup 2 months ago, Jürgen "Schnelle Henne" Hennemuth, Thomas Plöger and Merlin Depta, all three 2-speed/LMI Racing pilots, again dominatied at Hildesheim Cup's all three classes.
With a perfect result of 600 points, Thomas (S400) and Merlin (S120T) won the Cup at all.
It was the last indoor race so far, sothat now the outdoor season can start. The three racers are looking forward to smooth racing in the North German region, German Nationals in Rötz and of course the EFRA GP in Hildesheim this year.
Hope to meet you all at the track and have some nice racing.

A short video of the S400 in Hildesheim can be seen here:
It was taken with the FlyCamOne²

Team Serpent Germany.