My location: United States
Mar 14, 2010

Hi again racers!
The last weekend the first round of the Spanish Championship was hold in the Modelcar Track in Cerdanyola, close to Barcelona.

This race was my first “big race” with the 966. So I had a lot of work in order to find a good setup of the car. However when I arrived on Friday morning, the track was wet. Until three o’clock the track wasn’t in good conditions for doing some tests. I had some problems on Friday afternoon so I ended my test day without any conclusions and with a lot of doubts.

On Saturday morning when I tested the car I felt ok with it and I was confident for the qualifications. I only ran two of the four rounds due to a crash in the warm up of the third round. Finally I was second behind Cabezas and ahead Peracho and Villegas, the first four drivers.
On Sunday the final started at one o’clock. In the warm up I noticed that the car was very fast.

I did a good start maintaining my position. I pushed the first laps in order to put pressure to Cabezas, but I did a little mistake with which I lost one second. In the minute 4 Cabezas broke his car when his car ran above a lost part of another car. So I was first, 2 seconds ahead Peracho. The distance between Peracho and I changed between one and three seconds during more or less 20 minutes, when Peracho was out of fuel with the glowplug broken. So I only had to run without mistakes to end the race on the first place when the screw that joint the right chassis stiffener with the right rear bulkhead went off and blocked the transmission damaging it a lot. THAT’S A PITTY!! Finally a ninth place!

I’m very happy with the performance of the 966 car, and I can’t wait for the next race in my local track, Almussafes in Valencia, the track where was hold the last European Championship!
Till next race!

Nacho López
Team Serpent Spain