My location: United States
Dec 2, 2009

Round 1 and 2 of DRCMU 2009/2020

Two weeks after the first race in Tinglev, I was in Aarhus for the second of four races in the DRCMU 2009/2010 championship in Denmark, to continue my paticipense in the Super Stock division.

At the first race in the middle of November I had a somewhat mixed during practice, as I couldn’t get the rear end of the car to settle on the large track.

Even though we here in Denmark for this season has changed motors in Super Stock to be 17.5 – with a lack of speed and power as a result. However LiPo’s has made it easy for everybody, making the competition very close.

In general my S400 handled well, but the rear end being the difficult part to get right.
For the last practice session on Sunday morning, I tried using tire heaters, as I during the evening had discovered that my rear tires had no heat after a run of up to 8 minutes practice. This worked very well and the car was balanced all through the heat. But after the run the rear tires was back to being cold again.

In qualifying I tried pushing in order to get a good starting position. I made mistakes in all three rounds, run Round By Round – two to count, and was able to set good pace even with my mistakes. I ended up as 3rd on the grid for the A-main. Had I driven a bit cleaner and easy going, TQ honors would have been within reach.
Mains were not in my favor. In the first main I was hit on the opening lap and lost half a lap on the leader. Managed to get back as 4th by the time the heat was over. The second main was more or less the same scenario. This time I was just run off a few laps into the race. In the final main I got off to a good start and quickly made my way to second spot and tried to put pressure on the leading car, but with a few following close behind. One of them just hit me slightly, and I was down as fourth. This I recovered from again, and to back second spot of the main.
Overall this gave me the very sad position as 4th in the opening race. I’m both happy and sad about this, as I had the speed for more, no doubt. Just didn’t get the chance to show it. But also pleased with the fact that even though I’m not running a new car, as most others, I’m still in the mix.

At the race in Aarhus, practice was OK. Only small changes to the chassis, even though the track were completely different. From a large track to at small and twisty one, and also a bit less grip in Aarhus. As in Tinglev two weeks prior it looked to be very close come race time. The last practice on Sunday morning just confirmed this; at all top runners were very close on lap times.
First qualifier went well. I got a good run on the ones starting before me, and was able to tow myself to a round TQ, with a nice margin of about 2 seconds. Put in the fastest lap also in the Super Stock class. In the second round started out poorly, but due to others mistakes I was in the lead, until I myself made mistakes – sadly many of them. In the final qualifier I again opened with TQ speed, and were in the run for the final TQ. I got to close on a dot, and the car made a vertical 360, loosing valuable seconds. This was decisive and I was only 3rd in the round. In total this gave me starting position 2, a step better than at the last race.
This Sunday I had that bit of luck that is always needed at a race. In the first main a put in all the pressure I can, I also get by for the lead, but with a minute to go a back maker crosses the lane and takes me off. I recover as second. In the second main I again put on the pressure. Very hard, looking for the right time and place for my attack and with a 17.5 you don’t have the power to try something, you really have to be smart. I get one opportunity, and dives to the inside. The cars meets side by side and I squeezes by for the lead. This I maintain to the finish. All is now open before the last main. The last main is quickly decided. The leader makes a makes a mistake about a minute into the main, and I can easily take the lead at drive the win home. Thereby also the totals win of the race.
A great feeling to take this win, and a nice boost of confidence prior to the coming races.
Thanks to Serpent and Xceed and to AR Racing Electronics.