My location: United States
Nov 4, 2009

The Copa das Americas race took place last weekend in Brasilia Brazils Capital.

Flavio Elias took TQ spot and won the Category 1/8 with his 966, follow by his team mate Renato Paiva in 3rd place. Victory for Flávio Elias with Serpent 966

Flavio (Serpent 966/Collari) had prepared himself very well for this race, knowing that it would be a very difficult, because the track had been renewed with lots of traction and would demand a great deal of the chassis and of transmission,
But the 966 showed its extraordinary performance and it left nothing to be desired.

Jeferson (mechanic) put much devotion in the preparation of the Flavios 966 .

Renato Paiva placed 3rd had a great duel/battle during the 45 minutes final with Guillerme Rodrigues for the 2 position. With different tactics it opted to not making the exchange of tires and stops a little longer.

With 5 Serpent 966 cars in the final a great result !!

Final Result

1 04 -Flavio Elias 151 Serpent 966/Collari
2 28 -Guilherme Rodrigues
3 25 -Renato Paiva 147 Serpent 966/Collari
4 24 -Alessandro Sabatini 142
5 17 -Eduardo Dulac 140
6 09 -Sebastian Recio 139
7 05 -Leonardo Kammoun 136
8 06 -Felipe Chaud 119
9 08 -Denilson Gouveia 104 Serpent 966/Max Power
10 13 -Marcio Baptista
70 Serpent 966/Collari
11 19 -Marcello Giovannetti 62
12 21 -Adriano Pagy 5 Serpent 966/Nova

In the category 1/10 Flavio was very fast in the final , with 3 minutes started to lead the race with a impressive performance of its Serpent 733 but lamentably a dirt of the track entered in its transmission causing its breaking.

Thanks for the super performance of Team Serpent Brasil and the track-club for the super race.

Serpent Brasil.