My location: United States
Jul 13, 2009

Hi Guys, I started practicing on Friday, the car was fast but not as consistent as I was looking for. So me and my mechanic worked some changes in the car until we found and excellent setup.

On Saturday, on the first round, I manage to set a new track record and I finish the rounds of qualys in TQ. Without a doubt, I had the best car. We spend the rest of the day helping other Serpent drivers.

On Sunday, I manage to win the event. Serpent took the 4 top spots of the race

1- Francisco Rinaldi, Serpent 966

2- Daniel Tosso, Serpent 966

3- Agusto Quinteros, Serpent 966

4- Pupi Coloma, Serpent 966

I will like to thank my mechanic, Guillermo Cebrelli for all the efforts and Serpent America for the continuos support. Last but not least the Rioja RC Club.

Congrats to all the drivers from Team Serpent Argentina for their excellent job

Francisco Rinaldi