My location: United States
Jul 12, 2009

In 5mins Qualify , the first run was out of fuel in 4min 28 sec , but already set the best lap time with 19 laps.

In the 3rd qualification I adjust engine to be able run full 5 mins , and set 22 lap with 5:12.809 which is track record of this layout.

In 40mins final , I choose soft tire with tire change in 25mins and refuel time in full 5mins. Any small miss will loose this race, so better go safe way.

Driver Wang.T-C and me were in same lap from start till end. A very fun and exciting race.

Finally , I finished with 160 lap in 39:54.27 , because I was out of fuel and not able to finish my last lap.
2nd Wang, T-C also with 160lap in 40:043.95 , 1st and 2nd gap only 9.6 sec in the end.

It was my first time to race with Serpent 966 , it give over all better handling then any other 1/8 chassis I have ever run. Biggest difference I can
feel is less tire wear and better grip with same tire.


Team Serpent Taiwan