My location: United States
Jul 10, 2009

The First Round of the IX Edition of Copa Vale in the country side of São Paulo State in Brazil Happen last weekend. In the morning the weather did not seem that it was to help, but in elapsing of the day the temperature was gradual increasing and provided to the racers the ideal condition so that they took off the maximum of there machines.

With 28 degrees, and a little bit of sun, the day was perfect, Beyond the covering of the TV Vanguard - affiliated of the Net Globe , this first round also was marked by the inauguration of the Track of the AJARC in the parking of the Shopping Hills.

We place ours Serpent 966 in the track for the free practice, at this moment the car already was presented very competitive. After that it was given to beginning the time taking, where I manage TQ with the time of 14.660.

Formed grid the race had beginning, in the first curve suffers a touch what it made me to fall for last position. Nothing that modified the quality of the car that was easy to drive, already in the first 5 minutes and in first pit we gain the first position thanks to the efficiency of my mechanic who gained the position in pit. From there on I manage to lead and I keep calm and fast driving wich victory with 3 laps a head from my Serpent team Mate Marcos Pena.

I am thankful to my mechanics Edu Ron Dennis, for having prepared the car for this race and to the Clóvis for having been so efficient in pits.

1. Denilson Gouveia - 75 laps - Serpent 966
2. Marcos Penna - 72 laps Serpent 966
3. Raul Grandson - 59 laps Mugen Seiki


Team Serpent Brasil