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Jun 7, 2009

Hildesheim – the track of upcoming German nationals in about 4 weeks – was this weekend the place of the 2nd round of German Northern Championship. This race was also last qualification round for the nationals. Saturday started with good weather, so everybody used practice time until rain stopped racing in afternoon. Only a few racers tried to find a wet setup in first heat this day, most drivers were looking forward to Sunday with maybe better weather conditions.

Unfortunately Sunday started also with a wet track, but rain stopped and racing conditions were better with every heat. Most of the drivers switched now from capes to wet foam tires and lap times were going down. In the very last heat of the day – still wet - classification changed complete, because now nearly all drivers used their last chance to be counted and qualified for the final runs.

Qualification result:

1. Andreas Giesa – Serpent 966 – mega

2. Lars Hoppe – Velox – NR

3. Jürgen Hennemuth – Serpent 966 – mega

4. Marcel Schmidt – Velox

Lower finals started after lunch break and some rain made the track more wet again, but this was luckily the last rain during the race. Jürgen Stark could only race 4 laps in Qualifying and made it from ¼ final up to the main final. Semi-finals – now under nearly dry conditions – were won by Merlin Depta and Thomas Plöger. Timo Schröder, Andreas Salzburg and Friedrich Debert qualified also for the main final.

Main final: Hoppe had a better start from second position, but was followed close from Giesa. Both made fast a gap in the first laps to the other drivers, but already in lap 3 Hoppe got engine problems and had to stop in pit for adjusting his engine. Depta was now in 2nd position, but Giesa could increase gap to him up to nearly 2 laps until end of final and Jürgen Stark in 3rd position.

Now with 2 victories in row and a 2nd place last year Andreas Giesa wins the German North group qualification for nationals and has also good chances to win North German Championship. German Nationals will take place from 8th to 12th July.

Final casslification:

Pos Name Brands Laps Time Fastest Lap

1 Giesa Andreas Serpent 966 - mega - Xceed tyres
128 30:11.287 13.330

2 Depta Merlin Serpent 966 - NR - Xceed tyres
126 30:08.652 13.489

3 Stark Jürgen Serpent 966 - mega - Xceed tyres
124 30:04.416 13.783

4 Plöger Thomas Serpent 966 - NR - Xceed tyres
120 29:37.347 13.778

5 Hennemuth Jürgen Serpent 966 - mega - Xceed tyres
117 30:02.059 13.576

6 Salzburg Andreas Serpent 960-08
117 30:10.350 14.151

7 Hoppe Lars Velox - NR
93 23:21.731 13.323

8 Schröder Timo Edam
14 03:35.606 14.148

9 Schmidt Marcel Velox - NR
4 01:03.995 14.651

10 Debert Friedrich Serpent 966 - MaxPower - Xceed tyres
2 00:36.002 15.246

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