My location: United States
May 31, 2009

Vadala from Italy has been able to secure the 3rd place on the podium for Serpent.

Vadala was strong all week and drove a steady semi-final to deserve his spot in the main.

French Serpent driver Abisset was also very close to a podium finish and secured the 4th spot.

Vaccariello took 7th place in the final and drove a steady race, well done !!

13 year young Gruber from Germany drove an excellent semi-final to get into the main. He missed a good result in the 2nd qualifier on friday. A shame as his laptimes would have been good enough for a top-4 position. In the main final he was for a while in a well raced 3rd position and looking strong, but bad luck stroke and took him out. We will see more of Gruber soon !

Congratulations to the winner Carmine Raiola, who was fastest all week.

With a podium finish, 4 Serpent 966 cars in the final and many Serpent in the semi and quarter finals is was a good race for Serpent.

We like to thank to organisers for a super-event !!

Team Serpent

1 Raiola Carmine 187 45:10.368 13.835
2 Mack Oliver 186 45:12.344 13.723
3 Vadala Massimo 182 45:12.076 13.911 Serpent
4 Abisset Anthony 181 45:11.182 13.984 Serpent
5 Pregnolato Stefano 181 45:18.877 14.074
6 Gandin Stefano 178 45:00.756 14.065
7 Vaccariello Alberto 132 33:40.052 13.982 Serpent
8 Lackner Shasa 126 45:12.772 14.061
9 Rinaldi Mattia 84 23:48.000 13.961
10 Gruber Toni 73 17:46.755 13.921 Serpent