My location: United States
May 4, 2009

The second Round of the Brazilian Championship took place in the South of Brazil Curitiba this weekend.

My Dad and I were really ill with a flu and we only manage to get to the track on Saturday 2nd May directly for the qualifying, without training.

Last time I had being to the Curitibas track was in 2006 and didnt have the race because was raining.

The track was very bumpy and unlevelled so we had to work the rear suspension of the car to make sure to have a car balanced in the braking . We manage to get a good rightness in the back suspension and I manage to take the TQ.
USA driver Tosolini was also racing here.

We didnt have time to test everything we would like to, but I left the car ready for the final and we won the race.

My intention is to practice and test new adjustments for my 966 in different track conditions getting ready for the World Championship in Lostallo.

The combination of Serpent 966 with Collari by Mauro Engine is giving me the best return, the record of the track and increasing the advantage with 2 TQ and 2 victories consecutives leadership of the Brazilian Championship 2009.

I would like to thanks my Dad for the wonderfull weekend!

Flavio Elias

Serpent 966/Collari by Mauro

More pictures of the race.

Team Serpent Brasil

More pictures of the race.