My location: United States
Apr 19, 2009

I won the first south german race in Bamberg for the german championship!

We arrived Friday evening on the the fast track, but unfortunately the whole Saturday was raining and we coudn’t test anything!

On Sundaymorning it was try but very foggy, the qualification start 8.30 o clock. My first heats were not perfect, because the grip was not so good and the track was also on one corner a little wet, but on my last qualification i took the second position and so i went directly in the final…

First 4 after qualification in 1/8:
1. Robin D’hondt
2. Sabrina Lechner, Serpent
3. Dominik Mayer
4. Maximilian Vogl

First 4 after the qualification in 1/10:
1. Dirk Wischnewski
2. Dirk Stammler, Serpent
3. Christoph Pietsch
4. Michael Heinrich

We had an very interesting 30 Minutes Final. It was a pitty because Robin hit a board after 4 laps and his race stops, and i go in front.

One little mistake after 15 minutes , when i was on third position! But i had one tankrefuel less and after i retook the first place for the last 10 Minutes. Second Dominik Mayer, third Maxi Vogl. Robin was the fastest in Bamberg he was near the new record.

Jennifer Bernauer the 2nd Lady driver in the final finished in 6th.
It was a very funny and good race!

On saturday Andreas Giesa from 2-speed germany/SerpentEurope visited us , but he coudn\'t do a lot due to the rain the whole time.

1. Sabrina Lechner, Serpent 966 and idm
2. Dominik Mayer
3. Maximilian Vogl
4. Bernhard Hummel
5. Christian Nitsch
6. Jennifer Bernauer, Serpent
7. Patrick Schuster
8. Thomas Werner
9. Rudi Danninger
10. Robin D’hondt

12.Michael Henschel, Serpent
15. Maik Reimann, Serpent
16. Manu Dietrich, Serpent

1. Dirk wischnewski
2. Dirk Stammler, Serpent
3. Michael Heinrich
4. Patrick Nähr
5. Christoph Pietsch
6. Armin Baier
7. Klaus Lechner, Serpent
8. Nobo Kanabe
9. Simon Balk
10. Thomas Günsel
20. Steve Baumgarten, Serpent

Thanks to my mechanics Klaus and Fraziska Lechner and Christoph for the fast full stop in the pitlane, and to my sponsors Serpent, idm and LMI

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More pictures South German Series

More pictures South German Series

More pictures South German Series

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