My location: United States
Apr 19, 2009

Report from our New Zealand friends:

We ran the 966 for the first time yesterday at our local track, I TQ\'d in fact I was only driver to post 14 laps.

I am very pleased with handling of the 966 car particularly on our low to medium grip track. The car is so balanced & predictable it is relatively easy for average driver like myself to be very competitive. I believe this is a strong selling point because it enables average driver to move up a level in qualifying. No doubt top drivers will also record faster times with the 966 but I am certain average drivers will gain the most from the new 966 chassis particularly in low grip situations.

You can see a satellite image of our international spec track at club web site:
The back straight is 71m long excluding entry & exit corners so is hard on engines!

Team Serpent New Zealand