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Mar 21, 2009

After qualifying on saturday it was Pietsch on pole and Andrea Cristiani (Serpent/Max) in 2nd position and Ermen with 966 in 3rd.

Andrea C. is very pleased with the handling of the car and feels very strong for the final.

In the final in the 1st lap Andrea C had a crash and this broke the radio-crystal in his car, so he had to replace it and come back into the race lateron.

Team Serpent

Résultats du Grand Prix EFRA 1/8 piste les 21& 22 mars 2009

Catégorie 4 x 4

1 PIETSCH Robert Allemagne
2 VRIELIJNCK Rick Hollande
3 LOUIS Christophe France
4 PICARD Romain France
5 SCHAEFER Patrick Allemagne
6 RICCOBONO Stéphane France ( 966)
7 BERTIN Adrien France
8 ANDREA Christiani Italie (966, broken crystal)
9 ERMEN John Hollande ( 966)
10 WALTER Salemi Italie

Catégorie Classic Car

1 DELAUNAY Romain France
2 LIMOZIN Dominique France
3 JOUSSEAUME Jérémy France
4 VUILLET Olivier France
5 LECOUR Eric France
6 DELL\'UNTO Marc France
7 GASCHARD Pierre Alain France
8 MANIERE Pascal France
9 VELVINFRON Jean Francois France
10 DUTHIL Philippe France