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Mar 4, 2009

Mobers reporting on EC Superstock at Holland
He guys! Me again, reporting from another great 1/12 race, the EC Superstock, held by the famous MACH club in Holland. MACH was supported in a great way by the dutch NOMAC federation, specially Frans Heinsbroek and Hugo from M-Auto cup.

The event went off on Friday with free and controlled practice. The last run on Friday was our first qualifier. During practice my focus was on testing tyres and motor/gearing combination.
At the end of practice my setup was nearly perfect, the car was really working great.
Me and Marc Fischer, my biggest contender, were within one second after practice.

The only thing that made me think was power, Marc seemed to have little more power, so I needed to try more with gearing and motor timing.

The first couple of qualifiers I continued testing things, because I knew the last two qualifiers would be fastest. I ended up using Jaco yellow rears and Jaco doublepink fronts with putting the cells rearwards in the car.

Going into the last two qualifiers I felt comfortable, unless Marc was still having more speed. Especially in the beginning of the run he was faster, as I was faster than last half of a run.
After round 5 I was 5 seconds behind Marc. Going into the last and 6th qualifier I gave all, and things were close. I ended up 2nd on the grid, just one second behind Marc Fischer.
3rd was Bart Wubben, 5 seconds behind me.

Well, I was not too unhappy with that, as I was the one who could put him on pressure.

The main finals were on Sunday, so I fixed some little things on my car and trued my tyres for the final day.

The first A main was a bit frustrating, we started off and I could not follow Marc the first three minutes. I finished 2nd, some 4 seconds behind him.

The second A main was much better. After two minutes Marc again built up a little gap, but I was closing in big time. After 5 minutes I was only 0.5 seconds behind him, as Marc hit a board and we were sideways. We both touched, with me getting stuck at a track marker. Marc was off and away now, I could close down the gap again, but when racetime was up, he crossed the line first by a second.

So Fischer was European Champion and I secured 2nd spot already. I sure was little disappointed, but again the S120 proofed his ability to win a big race!

I want to thank my sponsors Serpent, LRP, Jaco, Parma, Xceed, Blackart and Speedtech Germany for their great support this season. With the German 1/12 Modified Nationals coming up in a couple of weeks the season will hopefully end with a great result.

Take care!!
Markus Mobers

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