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Aug 25, 2008

Former 1:1 scale Formula Renault race winner Keith Dempsey scored his first big rc race win over the weekend when the Team Serpent Ireland driver won the sixth & final round of the RCCAOI Irish 1:10 200mm National Championships at the St. Annes track in Dublin.

Driving his 720 \'08, Dempsey took his maiden victory from fellow Serpent driver Chris Lawlor to claim a result which would top off the perfect season for Team Serpent. By locking out the top two places on the podium the pair ensured Clive Connolly won the 1:10 200mm National title at his first attempt. Having successfully defended his 1:8 National title at the previous round Connolly and Serpent claimed a unique National Championship double while Michael Byrne and Chris Lawlor made it total Serpent domination by winning the respective 1:8 and 1:10 ORCA Championships.

Team Serpent Ireland congratulates all of its Champions and wish to thank all the Serpent drivers for the efforts during the 2008 season.

[b]RCCAOI Irish 1:10 200mm Nationals
Round 6, St. Annes
Result A Final[/b]

1.(3) Keith Dempsey (Serpent 720)
2.(4) Chris Lawlor (Serpent 720)
3.(2) Eoin Doran
4.(5) Colm Gaffney (Serpent 720/Mega)
5.(8) Oliver Pauloin-Valory
6.(1) Mark Gilliland
7.(9) Bernard Raap
8.(10)Oisín O\' Briain (Serpent 720/Mega)
9.(7) Thomas Ward
10.(6)Robert Boylan (Serpent 720/Mega)