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Jun 22, 2008

Round 3 of the Greek National Championship took place last weekend at the FRT track in Athens where Serpent\'s John Sotiropoulos and Kostas Sidiropoulos took their Mega powered 720 \'08 to a 1-2 finish.

Typical sunny weather greeted the competitors over the event allowing for plenty of testing on Saturday and the results of the team\'s testing was very apparent on Sunday with Sotiropoulos claiming the TQ from Sidiropoulos. Overall Team Serpent Greece enjoyed a great qualifying with no less than 5 of their drivers making the A Final.

Having TQ\'d the last race but lost out on the win to his team-mate, Sotiropoulos was determined to deliver a victory and thats exactly what he did winning by one lap from Sidiropoulos to give the team a superb 1-2 result.

Unfortunately Fokianos, Petroglou and Michailidis suffered from some problems during the 30 minute final and ended the day in 8th, 9th and 10th respectively.

[b]Greek 1:10 200mm National Championship
Round 3, FRT[/b]

1.(1) G SOTIROPOULOS (Serpent 720/Mega MF) - 93 laps in 30:07.128
2.(2) K SIDIROPOULOS (Serpent 720/Mega MF) - 92 laps in 30:17.770
3.(7) S PYKNHS - 91 laps in 30:09.256
4.(3) A KASTORINIS - 91 laps in 30:42.788
5.(9) AGELAKOPOULOS - 90 laps in 30:15.859
6.(10) K ZAXAROPOULOS - 89 laps in 30:07.799
7.(5) L MALISOVAS - 88 laps in 29:58.602
8.(8) G FOKIANOS (Serpent 720/Mega MF) - 88 laps in 30:10.491
9.(6) D PETROGLOU (Serpent 720/Mega MF) - 81 laps in 30:03.768
10.(4)A MIXAILIDHS (Serpent 720/Mega MF) - 72 laps 24:05.503

[i]Image credit; and Costa Agrafioti[/i]