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Feb 25, 2008

Team Serpent Finland were in action over the weekend in the latest round of the FinTrack Tour 2008 at Ylistaro and drivers Tom Kalves and Joni Hiltunen dominated the Prostock class with their Serpent S400s.

In qualifying it was Hiltunen who TQ\'d ahead of team mate and Round 1 winner Kalves. In the final the result was reversed with Kalves taking the overall win from his team mate to make it 2 out 2 for the S400 in the indoor series.

[b]FinTrack Tour 2008 - Ylistaro
Pro Stock A Final
Overall Result[/b]

1. Tom Kalves - Serpent S400
2. (TQ) Joni Hiltunen - Serpent S400
3. Henry Salmen
4. Tomi Myöhänen
5. Mika Mänty
6. Matti Korvenmaa
7. Miika Laurila
8. Arto Heinonen
9. Jarkko Mustonen
10.Niko Lindvall