My location: United States
Oct 16, 2007

After the first successful racing school organized by Serpent the second edition was held at the outdoor circuit AMCA Apeldoorn. Saturday morning around 8.30 am the racing school teachers gathered to make their way to Apeldoorn. The Serpent team consists of Ruud Schuitemaker, Rob Kuijper, Koen Geurds and Nick de Boer who prepared themselves for an active day in teaching racing.

22 guys and one female were registered to get tips & tricks and get themselves ready to adjust their own cars to find the right balance on stability and speed. The students received a setup sheet a few weeks before to let the teachers know on which grounds they wanted to be taught. The group was divided into novice, intermediary and professional drivers for the 1/10 and 1/8 scale. At the start of the event each student received a goody bag and information about the timeline of the day. The first half of the day was used for theory. The Serpent teachers were fiercely tested on knowledge and questions about setups, downforce and adjustments on the motor block were fired up on them.

The second half of the day was reserved for driving. Using the tips & tricks directly on their own rc race cars, the students were very eager to hit the road and it didn’t take long before they were hitting the circuit. It was interesting to see the many different classes and levels driving together on one circuit. Collisions were inevitable but no serious harm was done to the cars. Overall the driving was professional and everybody gave each other space to test the new setups and to feel the balance between speed and stability. The Serpent teachers had a busy afternoon, assisting the ones who needed help.

Around 4 pm the sun went down and it was getting chilly. Most of the students decided to clean up their cars and went back home. Team Serpent received a lot of positive reactions. The second Serpent Racing School was a big success, with thanks as well due to the excellent service provided by the personnel of the AMCA Club and Richard Engbersen. Next year Serpent is organizing more racing school events, so keep an eye on the website for notification about future dates.

Team Serpent