My location: United States
Oct 14, 2007

After an amazing run from the quarter finals and overcoming a lost lap at the beginning of the hour long main final, young Italian Serpent 960 driver Andrea Cristiani has claimed the runner up spot at this years World Championships. Having had to pit early in the race for a tire related problem, caused by contact, Andrea rejoined over a lap down on the rest of the field and set about unlapping himself from the entire field, setting the fastest lap of the race by 2 tenths of a second on his way to 2nd. At the end he was only 4 seconds behind the now 8-time World Champion Lamberto Collari, which is an amazing feat for the young Serpent driver and stands him apart as a future World Champion.

Pole sitter Massimo Fantini made a great start and led the race with his Serpent 960 for over 10 miuntes before a sticking brake lever caused him to slow and eventually make a long unscheduled stop, not before relinguishing the lead. Massimo rejoined the race but the fight for the title was over and he eventually finished 7th.

Serpent did a great job in the lower finals with drivers bumping up from the quarters and the semis to place 4 Serpent 960 cars in the final with Yuya Sahashi winning his Semi and taking the 5th spot on the grid. Andrea Cristiani won his semi also and took the 6th grid spot while the final Serpent in the final was Mark Green who started from position 9.

Having also bumped up from the quarters Yuya Sahashi did a very well to make it to the main, however in the final the strain on the car and engine from the previous finals meant he had to make many stops which saw him finish an eventual 8th, a great showing from the current Japanese National Champion who was also the only Japanese driver in the final. Mark Green had a steady drive in his final with little or no problems, the pre Worlds winner finishing the race in 5th, 3 laps down on the winners.

Main Final results:
1. Lamberto Collari - 193 Laps in 1:00:06.035
2. Andrea Cristiani - 193 Laps in 1:00:10.657
3. Chris Tosolini - 193 Laps in 1:00:12.287
4. Adrien Bertin - 191 Laps in 1:00:00.086
5. Mark Green - 190 Laps in 1:00:16.087
6. Daniele Ielasi - 189 Laps in 1:00:04.449
7. Massimo Fantini - 188 Laps in 1:00:8.629
8. Yuya Sahashi - 169 Laps in 1:00:17.426
9. Walter Salemi - 143 Laps in 46:52.817
10. Dario Balestri - 121 Laps in 45:26.248

Serpent would like to say congratulations to Lamberto Collari on his incredible 8th World title, as well as give a big thanks to the organisers and track staff for a perfectly run event.