My location: United States
Oct 12, 2007

With rain affecting round 5 and 6 on Thursday, the organisers cancelled the running for that day and decided to try and run round 6 on Friday morning before the lower finals. Unfortunately the weather didnt want to play along and the 6th round of qualifying was also abandoned. This left Serpent 960 racer, Massimo \'Max\' Fantini in pole position for this years World Championship, having set the fastest time in qualifying on Wednesday, a fantastic result for the team who are using the new rear end for this World Championships.

The abandonment of the rest of the qualifying rounds means that 10th position goes to another Serpent Italy driver, Michele Romagnoli, Michael Salven in 11th, Mark Green in 12th, Tadahiko Sahashi in 16th and Fabio Domanin in 18th, the final semi final position for Serpent.

In fridays lower finals there was action for the team in the 1/8th finals and good results for all drivers involved. In the first 1/8th it was Belgian team driver Steven Cuypers that lead home his team mate Scotty Gray from the US to bump up into Saturdays 1/4 finals. In the other 1/8th final there was a win for Paolo Morganti, after a tough start to the race, he was able to pull it together and put together an inspired drive to bump up.

Saturday will see the final races run and a new World Champion crowned and with a Serpent 960 on pole position and a number of others positioned in the semis and quarter finals there is a great chance of getting more 960s into the main final.

The official top 15 after qualifying:
1. MASSIMO FANTINI - 34 Laps in 10:14.91 (Serpent/Max)
2. LAMBERTO COLLARI - 34 Laps in 10:18.02 (Kyosho/Novarossi)
3. Adrien Bertin - 33 Laps in 10:00.84 (Kyosho/Picco)
4. CHRIS TOSOLINI - 33 Laps in 10:00.88 (Kyosho/Sirio)
5. DANIELE IELASI - 33 Laps in 10:01.28 (Kyosho/Picco)
6. Pietsch Robert - 33 Laps in 10:02.54 (Shepherd/Novarossi)
7. TAKAAKI SHIMO - 33 Laps in 10:03.19 (Kyosho/OS)
8. DARIO BALESTRI - 33 Laps in 10:04.99 (Motonica/Novarossi)
9. HIDEO KITAZAWA - 33 Laps in 10:05.08 (Mugen/OS)
10. MICHELE ROMAGNOLI - 33 Laps in 10:05.19 (Serpent Max)
11. Salven Michael - 33 Laps in 10:05.48 (Serpent/Mega)
12. Mark Green - 33 Laps in 10:06.91 (Serpent/Mega)
13. WALTER SALEMI - 33 Laps in 10:08.55 (Mugen/Ninja)
14. STEFANO SOLAROLI - 33 Laps in 10:09.31 (Mugen/Picco)
15. JERNEJ VUGA - 33 Laps in 10:09.35 (Mugen/Novarossi)