My location: United States
Sep 30, 2007

Having won the 1:10 200mm National encounter last weekend, Team Modelsport were at it again over the weekend with the Cyprus Serpent squad dominating the 1:8 race.

Emerging young r/c star Nicholas Zachariades dominated the A Final to take the win and was joined on the podium by onroad racing newcomer Loris Papasavvas who made a great debut with the 960 to finish 3rd.

Tasos Papanastasiou looked set to give Serpent a 1-2 result until a steering servo failure forced him to retire while running second.

All using Mega engines to power their Xceed tires shod cars, Nicholas recorded the fast lap of the race with a lap time of 18.011 seconds.

In the B-final, it was a Serpent white wash as their cars took a 1,2,3,4,5 result with Lenos Antoniou taking the victory from Aris Papasavvas, Nicos Mavrou, Adamos Antonou and Yiannis Victoros.