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Jul 10, 2007

The fourth round of the Belgian National Championships was run at the Bierset track over the weekend and it was newly crowned Benelux Champion Robin D\'Hondt who showed the field the way around the bumpy track with his Mega powered Serpent 960.

The emerging young Belgian talent sent us this report from the successful weekend -

Round 4 of the Belgian Championship was held at the (rather bumpy) track of Bierset.

As I arrived, I took a look at the track and I was wondering what was best … soft shocks or hard ones? On Saturday I first tried a soft setup but the car was just jumping around the track and hardly absorbing the bumps. Then I tried blue springs all around. Now my car just felt a lot easier, stable … So one step higher and purple springs all around it was :D.

The problem of this track is that it is very easy to make mistakes because the bumps send your car to directions you don’t want him to go … and with these hard springs the car is like flying over the bumps and very easy to drive. Later that day I tried downstop -1 and 7, this also improved the car. Last thing I changed was the ride height. I was testing with rather small tires and I heard the body touching the ground so I changed the car ride height to 9 in front (couldn’t get it higher) and 12 in the back.

Sunday morning
The first qualify was not so good for me. I made a little mistake in the corner before the straight so I only had 17 laps. This was Steven’s best qualify with 18 L 5.05.

Second qualify I had 18 L in 5.06 but I knew I lost some seconds here and there so if I wanted pole position my third qualify had to be a perfect one.

Third and last qualify I was driving lap times like 17.2 (I don’t think anybody else managed to get below 17.5). The car was just feeling great and there was more grip on the track. 18L in 5.03 so I had pole position. Steven Starting just behind me and after Steven came Gunther Van Staey.

In the final Steven had some problems. A few corners after the start his engine stalled. The first 5 minutes of the final I was making a gap between me and second. And when I had an 2 lap advantage I decided to keep it safe and just try to finish … I made one little mistake half finale and my bumper was a bit bended but my dad straightened the bumper and back on track … Gunther also had some engine failures, he had to quit the race.

[b]Belian National Championship
Round 4, Bierset
Final Results[/b]

F1 1:8 scale
1.Robin D’hondt
2.Steven Cuypers
3.Eric Vandereyt

F2 1:8 scale
1.Freddy Van Geenhoven
2.Patrick Vannieuwenhuyse
3.Tom Smolderen

1:10 235mm
1.Toon Deyaert
2.Roger Capelleman
3.Leo Heremans