My location: United States
Jun 26, 2007

Over the weekend Team Serpent USA driver Jeremy Cupps was in a action in the Region Nine ROAR Championships in Houston Texas. Here is his account of his successful weekend with the Serpent 960 -

The past weekend was the Region Nine ROAR championships at the Gulf Coast Raceway in Houston Texas. The facility and the race crew were just amazing, they do what ever the have to make sure you have a good time.

The weather didn\'t agree with us at first but it held out for us to run the main events and two rounds of qualifing. In the first round I set the TQ with an 18 501.94, it was a good clean run and I felt I could make a few changes and pick it up even more for the secound round.

In the secound round of qualifing I felt confident that I would break my own TQ with how it felt in the warm up, then the air changed and my engine richend up alot, and my hopes of seeing how much better the car was going to be were going to have to wait. I ended up losing the TQ by three tenths of a secound, no biggie the race wasn\'t over yet.

At the start of the main event I was on a mission I shot to the lead and never looked back leading wire to wire putting a big distance between myself and the secound place car, and then putting it in cruise mode. The car was awsome in the main event, I could put it everywhere and anywhere I wanted, it was very easy to drive, and very consistent. The central lola body had the perfect balance of traction and steering, and the Jaco tires were perfect.

I have to thank Paolo and Doug of Serpent USA for helping me learn the car in the short time I\'ve had to race it, you guys helped a ton and I can\'t thank you enough.

In a few weeks we are having our first round of the RC PRO series, and I cant wait to run the Serpent 960 again.

Jeremy Cupps