My location: United States
Nov 22, 2017

Serpent is proud to announce that Topdriver Rocket Zhang from China joins Team Serpent.
Rocket Zhang is a very skilled touringcar driver as proven in a variety of high end races like CTEC and is very helpfull to support other drivers to improve too.

Below some more information.

I started with RC cars at an age of 14. I have participated many years at China National Teenager RC races and won a couple of championships. Then I took a break from the RC sector while I was studying at University but came back again in 2012. Below are details of some of my race results.


Driver Name:Fangzhou Zhang(Rocket Zhang)
Main Recently Race Record:
2012 Hobbywing Cup Stock Class TQ&A1
2014 TITC Open Brushless Class A5
2014 AOC Series Shanghai Modify A8
2015 AOC Series Shanghai Modify A9
2015 China National Championship 1/10 4WD Buggy A5,1/8 GP On-Road Class TQ
2016 AOC Series Shanghai Modify A7
2016 China National Championship 1/10 EP Modify A4,1/12 Scale A1
2016 IFMAR ISTC Beijing 1/12 Scale 17th,1/10 Touring 39th
2017 AMA Opening Race 1/10 Modify A2

Below also my feelings of joining Serpent team:

"Thank you very much to Serpent and Mr. Liu for giving me the opportunity to join the team. Serpent has always been a well-known RC brand, has a very complete product lines. I ran Serpent for the first time with the 710 GP to participate in the competition more than 10 years ago. With joining Serpent and be able to get the opportunity to help for researching and development as well as testing is a very wonderful thing. I do really honoured to join the team.”


Rocket Zhang
SPT - Serpent Performance Team