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Sep 7, 2015

Serpent is introducing some more aero dynamic equipment for use on most 1/10 scale F1 cars, but ofcourse mainly made for our own Serpent F110 SF2

The new rear wing is wider then the current one, and offers more adjustments of the wings. More downforce if you wish and play with wing angle too. Serpent offers a white and black version.
So we now offer a standard F1 wing, a narrow adjustable wing and a wide adjustable one.

The rear diffusor comes in black only and also fits most F1 cars.

The new optional carbon rear plate for the F110 SF2 allows you to mount the rear wing in a normal and high position, and still keep the diffusor in the lower position.

411369 Rear wing wide black F110 SF2
411370 Rear wing wide white F110 SF2
411371 Diffuser F110 black
411372 Adjustable rear pod support plate carbon F110

More info on the Serpent F110 SF2

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