My location: United States
Nov 25, 2013

For the Serpent Spyder SRX-2 1/10 buggy we introduce:

Aluminum steering-rack system. Lightweight, cnc machined T6 aluminium parts. For flex-free and superprecise steering
feel. Anodised in grey tech-color.
The standard system is already ballraced ( 8 bearings).

500259 Differential balls carbide 1/8" (12)
Durable, superhard carbide balls for even smoother diff. action.

Lightweight alu T6 servo holder, instead of the standard nylon ones. Flexfree, pre-threaded and grey anodised. Pair.

Lightweight slipper clutch plate-set with plenty of ventilation holes.

Titanium nitrade coated pivot pins for ultra smooth action.