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Mar 21, 2013

The Serpent 747 will continue into the 2013 season without any changes.

The car has proven its speed and durability in the 2012 season really well.

Main results was the TQ from Mazzeo at the European Championships in Italy in 2012.

Overall good results were achieved by many Serpent 747 racers and a number of national championships were won as well, among which Spain, England, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkye and more. Mazzeo was vice champion 2012 with 747 in the tough Italian championships as well.

For sure the Serpent 747 drivers were always in a position to fight for the wins.

The Serpent 747 has some really nice features of which the following are most liked:

- brass chassis weights in the bottom of the chassis below ther tank, which can be moved to other postion in the slide rails easily

- the True Motion style Centax clutch is considered the best of all; reliable, easy to set and great punch

- the flex system in use in the front and the rear are easy to access and change

- the easy accessible wire type anti-roll bars front and rear have now become the standard in 1/10 sedan racing again too.

- the membrame type RCM shockabsorbers are in use for few years now and are well proven and effective

The overall looks of the 747 car with the stunning machined alu parts and durable spring steel transmission parts, make the 747 a very desirable racing car.

A large selection of optional parts is available to optimize your Sepent 747 even more.:

As always also Serpent continues the development of the 1/10 sedan and some nice idea's are in the design process, to be tested in the next few months prior to the major races like the European Champs and the ROAR Nats.

Some of the new developments will be offered as optionals within not too long ...

The new Serpent 977 already shows the direction of the Serpent design, to create faster, but also easier racing cars, simplified where possible.

Full info on the 747 here:

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