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Jan 15, 2013

The Serpent 411 ERYX 2.0 is the next big development stage for the 411 platform. Featuring an ultra low centre of gravity, lighter, optimized weight distribution, high performance geometry and continue top quality materials throughout.

The development team work of David Ehrbar and Michael Salven, feedback of Marc Fischer and other Team drivers and customers, was all combined to create this new Snake.

Key new items in the 411 ERYX 2.0
-Lighter geardifferential with composite gears and coated alu outdrives; less rotating mass and smoother
-Lowered steering system; for more direct steering feel and lower CG
-Innovative floating servo-holder combined with steering-system; for less flex-influence
-Lower shocktowers FR and RR for lower CG
-Super - Short RCM shocks with softer membrames (same springs as before) for lower CG and improved shock action
-New chassisplate 2.25mm for mounting split blocks
-Split suspension brackets inner FR and RR for more flex
-Improved harder suspension arms FR and RR and C-hubs for more traction
-1mm Lower mid-shaft holder to allow more flex of the topplate
-Kit includes 2 type of alu support brackets for the motormount, allowing more or less flex.

New car
400013 Serpent 411 ERYX 2.0

List of new parts
401583 Shocktower carbon low front 411
401584 Shocktower carbon low rear 411
401585 Suspension bracket alu 0-2 mirror
401586 Spacer alu bracket 0.5 (4)
401587 Suspension bracket alu 1.0 - 1.0
401588 Steering post low steel (2)
401589 Servo-mount direct 411
401590 Chassis carbon 2.25
401591 Chassis carbon hard 2.0
401592 Geardiff V2 composite
401593 Outdrive alu for geardiff V2 composite (2)
401594 Diff gear 10T+18T for geardiff V2 composite (4+2)
401595 Geardiff x-shaft for geardiff V2 composite
401596 Manual S411 2.0

The geardiff housing is super compact and light already. For the new diff the small and large gears inside are made from a very durable and smooth composite, and the alu axles ar replaced by a composite X-shape axle. The steel drivecups are replaced by coated alumnium ones. The result is less rotating mass and smoother diff action.
The sintered alu gears can still be used in the diff-case, and some drivers also combine alu and composite gears for different gear-diff feel/ action.

Lowered steering system; for more direct steering feel and lower CG
The steeringposts are a much lower version than before, resulting in a lower CG and a more direct steeringfeel.

Innovative floating servo-holder combined with steering-system.
Serpent chief designer Michael and racer/designer David Ehrbar looked at all the new servo-holders recently introduced by other brands, but did not like the systems. The early version of the 411 car already featured a different servomount plate, which hardly influenced flex at all and was simple and worked fine. Time to take a fresh look at things and try to make something really new, and that worked out.
The new system is mounted directly to the steering-system, and a carbon fibre holder flows around the servo, and the servo thus floats above the chassis. The direct connection to the steering system and thus to the center of the car, makes it the optimal solution, and it also keeps the CG even lower and weight more centerered in the car.

Super - Short RCM Shocks
Serpent redesigned the RCM shocks to make them shorter to mount them lower in the car and lower CG. The SS RCM shock are 6mm shorter than before.

This new shocks still keep same travel and volume as before and also enable use of the same length shocksprings as before ( or any other you may like to use). The shockbody has a shoulder in the top as limiter for the shocktop, so the membrame wont deform. The shockrod is sealed/supported with 1 or-ing and 1 bushing. Softer membrames make the update complete. The RCM SS shocks are used front and rear.

Lower shocktowers FR and RR for lower CG
The lower carbon shocktowers enable the lower mounting of the shocks, 5,7mm lower than before, and thus lower CG. The shockowers offer mutiple angle positions.

New chassisplate 2.25mm for mounting split blocks
Split suspension brackets inner FR and RR for more flex
To allow more chassisflex Serpent tested the use of split supension blocks since the Wc 2012. Both on front and rear the inner suspension mounts are now split type blocks. The new holders are made such way that they can be used either left or right side and have different setting that way, mirrored. The kit also includes new size 0.5mm spacers for further finetuning. Split blocks: front 1-0 + 1-0 and rear 0-2 + 0-2 mirror
The new 2.25mm chasiss allows space for mounting of the new split system.

Improved harder suspension M arms FR and RR and harder C-hubs for more traction
The front and rear arms have been beefed up by adding material in some area’s. Stress simulation software was used to analyse the flex to able to add material in exactly the right locations. Also the composite material used is a new harder version, same for the c-hubs. A new H type arms ( so even harder than new M arms) will follow later this year.

Lower mid-shaft holder
1mm lower to allow more flex of the topplate. This creates a gap between the mount and the top-deck of 1mm to allow for more flex. In case needed the space can be filled up with shims and the 2 screws can be applied to reduce flex.

Kit includes 2 type of alu support brackets for the motormount, allowing more or less flex.
The bracket to hold the motormount in the center of the car. There are 2 versions and both are included, so you may choose the optimal one per track.

Full images-gallery and specs here:

The new parts all fit to the existing 411 and 411-TE, some with minor modifications. To use the split blocks, a new chassis is necessary.

The Serpent 411 ERYX and the spare parts are planned to ship before end of january. Pricelevel of the 411 ERYX remains on the same attractive level as the 411-TE before.

Team Serpent