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Apr 17, 2012

Serpent releases a new development stage for the 1/10 scale gas-onroad class.

# 804005 Serpent 747 1/10 scale 4wd gaspowered

Loaded with many improvements and new features and much lighter too.

Focuspoints for this development stage was to achieve a wider sweetspot, combined with lower weight and further improved performance, and keep a very strong car as before.

At 1st glance the car may look very similar to the 733-TE, but in reality around 50% of the car is new.

Italian, German, English and USA drivers in specific were very helpfull to supply feedback and test the new developments. True team-work and it pays off !

Key new elements of the Serpent 747
- 3mm chassis with symetrical machining for flex reasons,with more options to play with flex and weight-inserts.
- flex-control system front with new radioplate; the 747 keeps the rear flex control system with alu, rubber or no connectors at all
- lighter geardiff with new case and new gears using 3.5mm shaft
- wider front lower bumper with aero dynamic effects, and option to cut out parts to influence aero efects
- lighter front and rear brackets and middle shaft holder
- improved front geometry with new upper wishbones
- improved rear geometry with new arms and uprights
- light competition type receiver holder and servo-holders below the new carbon radio-tray
- lighter brake-disk
- True Motion Centax clutch and light SL6 gearbox
- RCM shockabsorbers with membrame

The Serpent 747 will become available middle of may 2012.

All the new above developments also fit the Serpent 733.

As there are many new parts, Serpent will not offer a conversion-set, as its too many different parts.

Still a Serpent 733 driver, can select his prefered 747 parts and try them on the 733 as well, step by step. Serpent will brief on the various options you have.

More details and images later.

Team Serpent