My location: United States
Feb 14, 2012

The Serpent 411-FF is Serpent 1st ever front wheel drive only car. Its based on the highly successful Serpent 411 TC 4wd car and shares many parts.

Serpent has tested the front wheel drive cars intensively, and achieved a perfectly balanced race-chassis, putting the front mounted motor as low in the front as possible. The front whele drive system gives a unique drive-feel, very different from 4wd, but supersmooth, easy and great fun. Its actually much easier and nicer to race, than people think at 1st. Once you tried, you are hooked !

The FWD class is very big in Asia, and is gaining popularity around the world. In some countries it almost absorbed the stock-class.

Main specs / features:
- front wheel drive
- machined aluminum front motorholder
- front gear-diff ratio 52 to 20 = 2.6
- spring steel front cvd
- spring steel wheel axles
- aluminium front and rear brackets
- medium type suspension parts
- pivotball linked wire anti-roll bars front and rear
- topquality bearings and hardware
- RCM shocks
- Carbon fibre shocktowers, 2mm top-deck, 2.25mm chassisplate
- Secure brackets to hold the Lipo battery-pack
- Flexible boydmounts
- Captured front foam bumper.

The Serpent 411-FF pre production cars have already won races in Indonesia and HongKong, and the cars will be run at the TITC in Thailand as well.

Serpent 411-FF # 400009
Available start march 2012
Price similar to 411 TC

Team Serpent