My location: United States
Aug 23, 2011

EFRA EC 1/10 TC Vienna / Traiskirchen
Fischer Race report

Thursday was hard day for most drivers, as track had tons of grip and many traction rolled the cars. We went trough the planned test-program and end of day set-up was good, but not good enough yet for A-main for my feeling.

For friday after spending some thought on set-up night before we made some serious set-up changes, and went through another set of tests. Now its felt really much better right away, also over full 5 minutes, should be good enough for A-main.

Friday, 2 heats:
Heat 1: I ran easy and smooth just to make sure to have a decent run in the books as starting point. To my surprise the run was good for 3rd place already. Even with some small errors, I was only 1 sec from TQ time

Heat 2: I pushed more here as run 1 was fine already, so some risk could be taken with 3 more next day. This brought me a 2nd place and enough points for the Amain, nice way to end the friday, and chance to try more stuff on saturday.

Heat 3: Really could start of the run well and I created gap with rest of field quick. Some small driving errors cost me a TQ-run . Shame. Just 3 drivers made 20 laps and I was still one of them.

Heat 4 and 5: I used both to try more things to use in the next days finals. No improvement really so I stayed in 7th spot.
TQ. Marc Rheinrad 2 Points
Yannic Prümper 3 Points
Ronald Völker 4 Points
Alexander Hagberg 5 Points
Viktor Wilck 5 Points
Christopher Krapp 5 Points
Marc Fischer 5 Points Serpent S411
Steen Graversen 9 Points
Jilles Groskamp 10 Points
Andy Moore 12 Points

1 and 2 Final : Startcrashes in both and no result :-( Am I becoming nervous again ?? :)

3rd Final: I touched Steen at the start and got Stop and Go and was thus last and 5 sec down. This brought enough adrenaline up to push really hard and I closed the gap with the field step by step and came within 2 seconds of the winner of this final. I also made the fastest race-lap in Final 3 and came 4th.

So in the end 8th spot only. The qualifying heats showed more was possible. ....

My set-up here:

There are more races comming; German Nats, ETS and DHI Cup are already planned.
Thx to Serpent Team-manager Hergarten for coop and support and the organisers for a nice event.

The Serpent 411 is a really nice car with tons of potential to be unleashed soon. ...

Marc Fischer
Team Serpent