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Nov 17, 2010

IFMAR WC Offroad : Billy Easton takes 5th place in final with Serpent Cobra

Serpent is very proud with the achieved results at the 2010 IFMAR WC in Pattaya, Thailand. The small Serpent team with only 7 drivers did very well overall too.

Billy Easton is the highest ranking Serpent with a fantastic 5th place in the breath-taking 1 hour long final. Easton showed what the Serpent Cobra truly is capable off. With the car only released in june 2010, there is still a lot to learn and get even better performance in the near future, but its already very fast NOW.

All Serpent Cobra cars worked really well. Just before the race the new radioboxes were ready and brought to the track. During all the WC –race none of the Serpent drivers had any technical issue with the car. No servo failures at all and no parts breaking at all. This shows the Serpent Cobra is a very strong and durable car , and performs on the very highest level at the World Championships too.

Billy Easton just barely missed out on the semi-final and had to run the quarter final 1st. The Proline tyres on this specific track were not the easiest ones, but with the right set-up, Billy managed to get the best out of the car anway. In the last lap of the quarter final being in 4th position, he was overtaken in the pen-ultimate corner by Spanish ace Borja, but still managed to squeeze out some extra traction and move ahead of Borja in the very last corner, and made it into the semi this way still. A fantastic and breath-taking move. Thrilling action with the crowds going wild.

In the semi-final Billy was really on fire, and few laps after the start he was able to
run in 4th positon, on the tail of Jared Tebo for while and even in 3rd for while too. Easton finished in 2nd place just 6 seconds clear of Tebo in 1st. Great fastest laptime as well and great position to start in the final as 5th on the grid.

The final went really well, with the usual turmoil right after the start. King, Tebo and Hara were able to get some space due to this, but Easton was always close, ready to move up. The Cobra stayed very fast throughout the final, even when the tyres after 30 minutes were losing traction step by step. Pit stops were well timed, fast and clean with Jaoquin refuelling and Salven doing the timing. In the last lap the tyres really were hard to drive, so it was impossible to hold on to the 4th place, but the 5th place in the end is a super-result anyway, finishing in the same lap as 3rd placed Tebo and just 2 laps clear of the winner King.

At the very high level it was a one-man show for Billy as his team-mates had not been able to test in Pattaya before and also race the car for not too long yet. Still the team-work on the set-up of the car, made the performance for all Cobra drivers better in the end. We like to thanks all Serpent drivers and their mechanics and supporters for their great efforts. Billy Easton, Chad Phillips, Niclas Brunsberg , Jordan Go, Le Hua Lin, Clement Pancho , Ka Yick Kwong. Also thanks to SerpentAsia and Michael Salven and Stef Helvensteijn from Serpent Holland to assist wherever needed.

In particular we like to thank Billy Easton for a great performance all week. For Billy it’s a dream come true to get a car designed and raced by himself into the A-Main of a WC. Also thanks to Joaquin Desoto who did a superjob as mechanic with very fast and clean pitstops too, great job done.

The organizers have put on a great race, with excellent facilities and atmosphere !

Thanks to and and many other websites and broadcasters for the super reports, images and video footage. This may be one of the best ever recorded races.

We look forward to the next big races, with the knowledge that many drivers are well impressed with the Serpent Cobra performance and durability and like to get their hands on the Cobra car soon too, and make the team of Serpent racers also in offroad bigger and bigger !

Billy Easton will give us insight into his WC as soon as he has time to make one of his famous race-reports.. After the Worlds he had to jump right onto the plane to go and check-out and test the almost production ready Serpent Cobra-T 811-T. So stay tuned.

Team Serpent