My location: United States
Aug 19, 2010

SerpentAmerica has started on the co-development of the Serpent Cobra 1/8 GT onroad car.

The GT8 is based on the Serpent Cobra S811 chassis, and uses most of its components.

The gearbox can be used of the Serpent 966 onroad car.

The GT cars run GT type bodies and rubber tyres, and race on regular onroad tracks, or parkinglots too.

A really nice and growing class in the USA and Japan. We expect Europe to follow soon too and other parts of the world.

The GT8 cars are strong and quite easy to set-up and race.

We used the 966 clutch and transmission and yes we'll be running it in the FORGASS (Florida State Series). It will make it's debut at the GLC race in Toledo, Ohio

Will keep you posted.