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Mar 18, 2010

Mega ZX series 2010 Offroad

Development Stage 4 DS-4 Continious development in cooperation with Mega team and Picco brought some important modifications, now to be presented in the DS-4 line-up.

201408 ZX21 DS4 OFR 3P Sports
201409 ZX21 DS4 OFR 3P Powerbag ( EFRA 2046)
201415 ZX21 DS4 OFR 7P Race
201416 ZX21 DS4 OFR 7P Powerbag (EFRA 2046)
201417 ZX21 DS4 OFR 7P Race EM
201418 ZX21 DS4 OFR 7P Powerbag EM (EFRA 2046)

Pricing on the Mega engines will remain on the very affordable level as before.

All engines are also available as Mega Powerpack, which is engine combined with pipe-set and handy Mega engine bag, to protect and transport your valuable engines.

Team Mega
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