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Mar 15, 2010

Mega Racing engines introduces the DS-4 line up for 2010.

The line of onroad engines ZX-12 and ZX-21, both in a standard version and an EM tuned version.

201025 ZX12 DS4 Legal Race
201026 ZX12 DS4 Race Powerbag (EFRA 2651)
201027 ZX12 DS4 Legal Race EM
201028 ZX12 DS4 Race Powerbag EM (EFRA 2651)

201520 ZX21 DS4 Race
201521 ZX21 DS4 Powerbag (EFRA 2033)
201522 ZX21 DS4 Race EM
201523 ZX21 DS4 Powerbag EM (EFRA 2033)

All engines are also offered in a handy Mega Powerbag, which fits engine and pipe-system.

Team Mega