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Jan 28, 2009

Paul Ciccarrello and Markus Mobers are doing well at the Wolds largest Indoor-race with Serpent S120.

Markus is racing his S120 in mod, 10.5 and 17.5.

Paul the S120 in mod.

In 1/12 mod in practise Paul was 3rd and Mobers 4th. In 10.5 Markus is in 3rd and in 17.5 Markus is in 2nd place.

We hope to get some reports and pictures from them these days.

Some links for more info.

The pits is very busy, and the pit-tables are crowded with stuff, towels, chargers, power-supplies, tools, tyre -traction, tyres, bodies; one big puzzle for some.

The Snowbirds offers a challenging lay-out again.