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Oct 29, 2008

On 18th we had three qualifications and two more on 19th, therefore we had total 5 qualification times, and out of result Nam reached final in second position, another team racer Ahn hit on third place at final stage.

Two Serpent drivers reserved positions on final race out of four. Final was set with one hour race and Nam won the race with 9 laps ahead of second place and He also won 1/10 scale touring as well.

Nam clinched two national championships (1/8, 1/10) at the season this year.

Meanwhile, another team racer Ahn,HyunHo had engine trouble at 50 minutes since the race had been started, he only left 10 min behind to finish final lap, yet he was on trouble, and retired. Third place was bestowed to another Serpent driver Oh,Yongtaek.

Final Results

1. Sangjoon, Nam /Serpent 960 08 /220Laps /1:00:05.675
2. Kibon, Koo /Kyosho Evolva M3 /211Laps /1:00:14.609
3. Yongtaek, Oh /Serpent 960 08 /209Laps /1:00:01.129
4. Dongjoo, Park /Motonica P8.0R /209Laps /1:00:07.069
5. Naksung, Choi /Kyosho Evolva M3 /191Laps /51:20.044
6. Seokho, Kim /Motonica P8.0R /188Laps /1:00:04.584
7. Seyong, Oh /Serpent 960 07 /181Laps /1:00:08.969
8. Taesik, Woo /Kyosho Evolva M3 /179Laps /1:00:10.169
9. Hyunho, Ahn /Serpent 960 08 /175Laps/ 48:51.827
10. Sungko, Cho /Serpent 960 08 /127Laps /1:00:01.273