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Nov 7, 2006

Daniel Tomaschko has won the 2006 ‘AMT Cup Friedrichshafen’ held last weekend alongside a hobby fair, at the Bodensee Friedrichshafen in southern Germany. The event attracted a lot of top 1/10th scale racers from across Europe and in a close qualifying which saw the top 10 racers covered by 3.5 seconds it was the Austrian driver Gerhard Kandelhart who took the top spot.

In the main final, held on the Sunday, there was again some very close battles, but in the end it was Austrian Serpent racer Tomaschko that emerged the winner, in a race that saw the top 5 covered by less than 10 seconds after 30 minutes of racing. Second place went to top Austrian Mugen racer Manuel Huber with another German Günter Mürdter, driving a HoBao GPX4, in third.

TQ for Kandelhart - Serpent 720 / Mega ZX

Top 10 After the final:
1. Daniel Tomaschko - Serpent 720/Mega ZX
2. Manuel Huber - Mugen MTX4/Picco
3. Günter Mürdter - HoBao GPX4/OS
4. Werner Bergbauer - HoBao GPX4/OS
5. René Cornella - Serpent 720/Mega ZX
6. Gerhard Kandelhardt - Serpent 720/Mega ZX
7. Andreas Hamerl - Kyoshos RRR/Nova
8. Philip Eberle Mugen MTX4/Nova
9. Rob Kuijper - Serpent 720/Mega ZX
10. Ruud Schuitmaker - Serpent 720/Mega MF